At AO we know modernization and industrialization are key drivers to economic and

urban development. In addition, to positively influence sustainable economic

growth and  improve daily living conditions , AO has placed great emphasis on

education, infrastructure and industrialization. Significant investments will be required for

innovative development strategies to achieve economic and social


According to research done by W.J, 21.25% of the Haitian population is between the
ages of 15-24. That’s a comparatively high population rate for that age range as
compared to more developed countries. To say that Haiti lacks resources is a
miscalculation of the situation on the ground. More important is our underestimation of
our potential workforce. A lack of industry and organization has left our youth in despair.
Haiti’s future economic stability and prosperity lie in the country’s ability to develop
skilled workers to respond to its environmental needs. Future engineers, doctors,
teachers, and other civil servants will need the proper training, enabling them to apply
their skills and knowledge to their respective sectors and neighborhoods. When you
compare the youth population to the 32.81% of children between the ages of 0-14, the
conversations expand even more.

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