Stopping the roots of poverty and planting the seeds of change.
AO will break down barriers to education and work with communities and local governments to
build schools and improve the quality of education children receive. AO will teach adults and
children to teach others. This Authentic Haitian initiative is committed to providing educational
tools and better living conditions for children, women, and men living in areas touched by
violence and poverty. With help from the Haitian diaspora, we will create a scalable, replicable,
and sustainable educational model for future generations.

Ayisyen Otantik, as well as all Haitians, are aware of the lack of health care in Haiti. Not surprisingly, this
phenomenon has been a huge problem throughout the country. Many Haitians have lost their lives simply
due to insufficient medical services, primarily in the first aid department. To say the least, Haiti lacks a
well-established emergency system, first response medical personnel, ambulances, and equipment.
Therefore, most of the urgent cases do not even have the chance to make it to a hospital or clinic.
Secondly, the cases who do make it into a hospital or clinic run into the same problems as the first. Sadly,
the masses are suffering the most. The lack of hospitals and clinics throughout the country have made
health care a luxury. Therefore, only those that can afford it have a better chance when they can make it
into a hospital. Notice I said when, because even the most privileged Haitians have lost their lives for the
same reasons I have stated.
Ayisyen Otantik would like to tackle the situation by first establishing a well-coordinated first aid system
throughout the country that will help keep people alive while they are being transported to the hospital.
Second, stands for neighborhood clinics that will be well equipped to assist in an emergency and to keep
the community healthy. Third, study the populations of all cities to see where hospitals are needed.
Ayisyen Otantik strongly believes that having a healthy society is also part of a stable and thriving

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