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Safe sanitation is essential for health, from preventing infection to improving and maintaining mental
and social well-being.
Ayisyen Otantik believes sanitation is a serious problem in Haiti. AO would like to envision sanitation for
all Haitians, not just a selected few. By sanitation, we mean all types of related issues—cleanliness,
public sanitation, food safety, hygiene, and clean water, just to name a few. Even though the leadership
of AO has great ideas on how to help Haiti become more sanitized, it strongly believes that we are going
to need the total understanding of all Haitians. Therefore, AO would like to work with local governments
and other partners to consistently bring sanitation awareness to all Haitians throughout the country, to
prevent transmission of waterborne disease by promoting health-based regulations, and to promote
effective risk management practices to water suppliers, communities and households.

Part of the sewage treatment plant scene
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