Our philosophy is to unify all Haitians around the world and help to foster the reconstruction of Haiti’s  infrastructures.



Mission Statement


Ayisyen Otantik’s mission is to unite the Haitian people in Haiti and throughout the Diaspora. In uniting our people, the goal is to educate the Haitian populace in the importance of love for our country, love for our flag, and love for our environment. This love binds us and leads us towards accomplishing basic respect for the human rights of our fellow Haitian constituents. In addition, Ayisyen Otantik strives to advance and promote leadership within our Nation for the sustainability of development and progress for the beautiful people that encompass the Republic of Haiti.



Ayisyen Otantik will equip Haitian citizens with knowledge to build resilient communities. All citizens will have the opportunity to realize their full potential and to help transform their own society. Ayisyen Otantik will uplift the Nation with three simple concepts: Engaging, Empowering, and Strengthening Solidarity.



History of Ayisyen Otantik


Ayisyen Otantik was launched in March 2018, by Mr. Andre Fiefe.  After more than 15 years of precise research, Mr. Fiefe's exploration certified the reason why the progress of Haiti has been in a downward spiral for over 200 years since the Republic's established independence in 1804.

After sitting down with a few of his colleagues, the group commenced a brainstorming session to identify a common solution to a common cause. They declared an idea...a common vision of starting a grassroots movement. That Ayisien Otantik day was christened to inspire consciousness and cultivate the lives of every man, woman, and child in Haiti.  Ayisyen Otantik aspires to help facilitate the educational curriculum and improve learning resources with modern technology. Ayisyen Otantik believes that education is the key to better economic opportunities and healthier families.


Through her struggle from slavery, her victory to freedom, and her progress
to be a recognized independent nation, Haiti became the only Black
Republic in the world to have achieved statehood by her own efforts.

A dream of liberty, sparked by the strength of their character, the black
African slaves of Saint Domingue valiantly fought, won their freedom, and
influenced the destiny of the African race elsewhere on the globe. Haiti’s
history has been an inspiration to the world; her humanitarian qualities and
services are a wonderfully beautiful, majestic, and significant contribution to
modern civilization. Dare to Dream Again! Haiti where the entire population
is recognized and respected; Haiti where democracy is the business of the
country; Haiti where natural resources contribute to an honorable, wealthy
and happy nation.